Tulsa Clean Cities


Tulsa Area Clean Cities is your local branch of a national network of over 80 Clean Cities Coalitions.  As a member of our organization you will have access to our extensive local and national networks of information and resources to assist you with the implementation of your alternative fuel projects.   

Have more questions? We would love to talk to you about membership.  Call us at 918.579.9434 or email us at ajaynes@incog.org.  Ready to join? Membership is an easy 3 step process.


Membership Benefits Include:

-Notice of grant opportunities
-Answers to technical questions from Department of Energy personnel
-Trade show discounts
-Letters of support
-Grant reviewing
-Clean Cities political acumen
-Maintaining confidentiality of proprietary information
-Access to the latest loan programs
-Special invites to events (i.e.) Mayor’s second century energy plan, Governors energy conference etc.
-Quick knowledge of industry happening events (i.e.) new business’s moving into our region, new fleets converting to alt fuels, new/changes to regulations that will affect your day to day business
-Partnership development through the use of Clean Cities Coordinators
-Assistance stakeholders and other local businesses and public entities with fleet planning
-Access to the most up‐to‐date information on funding opportunities & incentives, legislation & regulations; alternative fuel vehicle technologies and availability, infrastructure development, safety, and other relevant topics are discussed at our meetings and in our publications.
-Opportunities to provide input into potential legislation regarding the alternative fuel industry
-Opportunities to be recommended to serve on boards, commissions, and panels