Alternative Fuel Tax & Rebate Forms

Oklahoma Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Forms

To apply for Oklahoma Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Infrastructure Tax Credit you will need the following forms.

You must fill out a 511CR for each tax credit for which you are applying.


To apply for vehicle credits and/or fueling station credits, you must fill out form 567A.



Federal Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Forms

For the federal tax credit for selling alternative fuels for use in a motor vehicle, consult the following IRS pages:


Oklahoma Natural Gas CNG Rebate Program

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved a compressed natural gas (CNG) rebate program for Oklahoma Natural Gas. This rebate program is intended to promote CNG use in Oklahoma. Rebates will be funded through a 25-cent surcharge on each gallon of CNG sold at all public CNG dispensers owned and operated by Oklahoma Natural Gas.

Visit ONG’s website for program updates, rebate applications, and more information.

Update: Effective on and after November 26, 2012, the rebates levels will be:

  •                 $1,000 for dedicated NGVs
  •                $500 for bi-fueled NGVs
  •                $1,000 for home fueling systems

The current rebate levels for customer CNG purchases completed prior to November 26 will remain in effect.  Updated applications reflecting these changes will be posted on the Oklahoma Natural Gas Company website November 26.